Our Story



 Cicily Swanson created cicidionne brand to fill a void in the marketplace. The name “cicidionne” is derived from her first name “Cicily” and middle name “Deonne”.

Much like herself the brand features “relaxed” comfortable clothing pieces that “inspire” and tell stories through fabrics and positive inspiring graphic messaging.

Cicily was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from American Intercontinental University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Marketing.

Upon graduation she had worked with top stylist, make up artists and brands in Atlanta. She grew her client base as a local wardrobe stylist but never quite found what they desired in a traditional boutique. The desire to craft authentic styles, representing individuality was born.

She began creating quirky, handcrafted recycled caps that evolved into handmade, one of a kind, artisanal accessory pieces and now comfy, cool loungewear.

Instead of making thousands of garments at a time, each piece is crafted with southern love and soul one at a time. Stand out, Get Noticed and Feel Empowered! Tell your Story and Shine with cicidionne. Handcrafted goods for the soul!




'Instead of making hundreds of garments at a time each piece is crafted with southern love and soul one at a time.'

-Cicily Swanson-